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Posted: 12/6/2011

Regulators warn over price comparison sites

The Financial Services Authority has warned price comparison websites to take particular care when suggesting policies to customers and make sure they are not inadvertently sold policies that don't cover their needs.

According to a letter sent by the FSA to several major sites, the sheer complexity of individual policies means the burden should be on websites to make sure the customer is eligible, rather than leaving that task to the customer.

Among other concerns the FSA Full Story

Posted: 13/5/2011

Banks surrender on Payment Protection Insurance

The British Bankers' Association has formally conceded defeat in its legal battles over compensation for people mis-sold payment protection insurance.

A recent High Court verdict upheld the strategy of city watchdog the Financial Services Authority in demanding that banks actively contact those who might be Full Story

Posted: 8/5/2011

Sony to offer free identity theft insurance

Video games giant Sony is to purchase an identity theft insurance policy for all users of its online gaming service PlayStation Network.

The offer follows a hugely embarrassing data breach in which personal details of up to 75 million customers were stolen by hackers. The company has been unable to rule out the possibility that credit card numbers were also stolen, but has reassured customers that Full Story

Posted: 22/4/2011

PPI ruling could unlock past claims

British banks have lost a court battle that could have a major impact on compensation claims for payment protection insurance misselling.

The High Court ruling means the Financial Services Authority will be allowed to demand that banks write to every customer who has bought PPI, an insurance policy sold alongside loans, to inform them that they have the right to complain if they suspect misselling.

The legal argument from the banks was that this was unfair as it effectively Full Story

Posted: 18/2/2011

Co-operative insurance gets more ethical

The Co-operative says it is becoming the first ever "ethical" insurer. It's part of a wider plan to boost the ethical standing of the group.

The actual operations of the insurance policies won't change. Instead the move affects the underlying assets of the company: a total of £18 billion worth of investments, of which £1 billion specifically funds its insurance activities.

As part of the changes it will now no longer invest this money in Full Story

Posted: 11/2/2011

PPI complaints increase, but responses hit the brakes

The number of complaints about mis-selling of payment protection insurance is still on the rise. But regulators say they firms are holding up their work in resolving the complaints.

PPI is an insurance scheme taken out alongside a credit agreement such as a credit card or mortgage, designed to cover the risk of the borrower losing their job. While the principle of the insurance itself is sound, there Full Story

Posted: 25/10/2010

Loan PPI ban date scheduled

The timetable for a ban on payment protection insurance being sold alongside loans has been set, with the measures likely taking effect on April 2012.

The Competition Commission says it will carry out a 30 day consultation later this year and expects to issue a formal order early in 2011. Under the planned timetable, from October 2011 all companies Full Story

Posted: 17/10/2010

Banks banned from selling payment protection insurance with loans

The Competition Commission has confirmed a total ban on banks selling payment protection insurance to customers at the same time as issuing a loan.

The insurance policies are designed to cover the cost of loan repayments if a borrower becomes unable to repay through specific reasons such as ill health or unemployment. They have previously been controversial because of alleged mis-selling, for example Full Story

Posted: 2/10/2010

EU insurance discrimination ruling described as 'madness'

A senior figure in the European legal system has ruled that insurance companies should not be allowed to discriminate solely on the grounds of gender. It's been described by one British member of the European Parliament as "simply madness."

The ruling came from Juliane Kokott, the advocate general to the European Court of Justice, the highest court in the European court system. It's an advisory ruling, meaning judges in the court are expected to take it into Full Story

Posted: 27/9/2010

US insurer offers divorce insurance

An American insurer is now offering insurance against getting divorced. The "WedLock" policy is designed to cover costs such as legal fees and other costs of splitting up.

The policy works in a slightly unusual way: policyholders buy "units" of insurance, each of which costs $15.99 (a little over £10) a month and entitles them to $1,250 (£800) as and when they present a valid divorce document. The maximum policy size is 200 units, totalling $250,000 in Full Story

PLEASE NOTE: All news items are intended for information only and should not be relied upon when making decisions. Due to their nature some of the information in these general insurance news stories may no longer be current.
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