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Posted: 7/11/2012

Life insurance tax changes hurt men and women alike

An insurance giant is warning that while women will see life cover costs rise thanks to forthcoming anti-discrimination rules, any benefits for men could be wiped out by changes to tax law.

The same European rules that affect the motor insurance trade will also apply to life Full Story

Posted: 4/11/2012

Whole-of-life deals prompt confusion and complaints

policy small printCustomers who bought "whole-of-life" insurance policies are discovering that the policies may not work as they expected.

The basic concept of a whole-of-life policy is that the policyholder pays a fixed premium Full Story

Posted: 10/9/2012

Terminal illness loophole could create nightmare dilemma

An insurance firm has warned that standard terms and conditions across the industry could mean people with terminal illnesses could be forced to reject treatment in order to ensure a payout for their family.

The Financial Times reports that most policies only pay out under terminal illness clauses once a person has been diagnosed as having less than 12 months left to live. The problem is that modern treatment can often prolong the remaining lifespan even if the end result is still Full Story

Posted: 5/9/2012

Life insurance an unlikely token of love

Chinese insurers are reportedly marketing life insurance policies as a romantic gesture or an engagement or wedding gift.

Financial Times correspondent Patti Waldmeir covered the topic to mark the recent Qixi, the Chinese equivalent to Valentine's day. She says insurers such as "Red Rose" are now marketing life policies that rack up bonuses every time a couple reaches a wedding Full Story

Posted: 20/8/2012

Life insurance shunned by most

Life insurance remains a minority product in the United Kingdom according to a new survey.

A YouGov poll found only 45% of adults have life insurance cover. Among those who didn't have a policy, 39% said it was too expensive while 19% said they'd never given any thought to taking out the cover.

The survey gave further weight to Full Story

Posted: 6/7/2012

Unmarried and single parents underinsured

Newly published research suggests non-traditional households are far less likely to have life insurance.

The figures, prepared for Sainsbury's from government data, show that 58% of married heterosexual couples with children have life insurance or critical illness cover. That compares with 50% for heterosexual married Full Story

Posted: 18/11/2011

President insured against croc attack

Even the most powerful man in the world can benefit from insurance, though Barack Obama's latest policy was particularly unusual.

While visiting Australia, the US President received a £6.40 gift from the Chief Minister of the Northern Territory: a crocodile insurance policy. In the unlikely event that Obama was attacked and eaten by a crocodile, the policy would have paid out around $30,000 to his wife and children. Fortunately that didn't happen and the policy Full Story

Posted: 5/11/2011

Life insurance scammer foiled

A British man has been arrested for allegedly faking his own death in a life insurance scam. Hugo Sanchez's claim fell apart when police reportedly found his fingerprints on his own death certificate.

Sanchez's wife reported his death in 2005, supposedly as the result of a heart attack while on holiday in Ecuador; the story was that as he had been born in the country, she chose to bury him there.

Sanchez had several life insurance policies, one of which paid out Full Story

Posted: 15/7/2011

The Co-op pulls out of life insurance

The Co-operative is to stop selling life insurance, blaming the move on increased regulation.

The group, which has been selling the product since the 19th century, has an estimated two million policyholders. It's looking to sell those policies to a new provider, with Royal London reported to be the main bidder.

The Co-op will continue to offer other insurance products and run banking services. However, it will no longer offer financial advice and has done a deal with AXA Full Story

Posted: 25/3/2011

African firm offer mobile phone life insurance

An African multinational mobile phone provider has launched a service that lets people in Ghana without bank accounts buy life insurance using their mobile phone.

The service doesn't simply involve setting up the deal, which can be done by a text-message menu system or by phoning a call center. Instead the premiums for the policy are charged to the mobile phone account itself.

Full Story

PLEASE NOTE: News items are intended for information only and should not be relied upon when making financial decisions. Due to their nature some of the information in these life insurance news stories may no longer be current.
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