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Posted: 30/6/2012

Churchill says "Oooooh... no" to bulldog owner

Pet insurers Churchill have refused to cover a bulldog - the very breed that stars in their advertising.

Potential customer Timothy Taylor of Leicestershire has applied for cover for his six-year-old bulldog Monty but was turned down. Call centre staff informed him the company does not insure bulldogs.

The company says Taylor was incorrectly advised: the refusal is not specifically because Monty Full Story

Posted: 25/5/2012

Bank u-turn on "lifetime" pet insurance

A lifelong or lifetime policy is one that does not have time limits on how long a company will pay out for a particular condition. This contrasts with cheaper policies that will only pay out for 12 months, after which the customer must cover bills for the specific condition even if the policy is renewed.

Most lifetime policies are set-up to automatically renew each year, and the marketing of such policies often gives the impression this renewal is guaranteed as long as the customer Full Story

Posted: 25/11/2011

Pet insurance fraud rises four-fold

Insurers have reported a dramatic rise in fraud in the pet insurance market. It appears the grim economy has led many people to desperate measures.

According to the Association of British Insurers, the total value of fraudulent claims that are detected has risen to just under £2 million a year -- up from just £420,000 the previous year.

The cases involve a wide variety of tactics, most commonly exaggerating Full Story

Posted: 28/10/2011

Pet insurance more important as vet bills rise

The cost of the average pet insurance claim has risen by more than a third in the past year. It's been caused by rocketing vet bills for treatment.

The figures, from Sainsbury's Pet Insurance, cover all claims made in 2010. The average claim for crossbreed dogs was £416.35, compared with £333.83 in 2009. The average claim for crossbreed cats was £327.54, up from Full Story

Posted: 30/9/2011

"Lifetime" shocker for Petguard policyholders

A major pet insurer has cancelled lifetime policies for customers, giving some just three weeks notice. The issue is being taken to the Financial Ombudsman Service.

In the case of Petguard, the "lifetime" referred to the fact that annual limits for payouts for particular conditions would be reset each year if coverage was renewed. However, the small print stated that each year's policy was a standalone contract and thus the insurer was under no obligation to Full Story

Posted: 4/3/2011

Pet insurance survey finds pets are still loved but proving costly

Humans love their pets sometimes as much as people, which may be why they put up with the damage they cause! That's the conclusions from two separate insurance related surveys this week.

According to the Co-operative Pet Insurance, 28% of people believe a pet dying could be as emotionally painful as a family member's death, while 34% likened the experience to the death of a friend. Full Story

Posted: 17/12/2010

Co-operative launches new range of pet insurance

British pet owners will spend more than £100 million on presents for their animals this year, one insurer says.

According to a survey by The Co-operative Insurance, the average figure of £11.78 per pet owner is 10% higher than last year. That's in contrast to another survey question which found that 45% of people planned to spend less on gifts for human friends and Full Story

Posted: 19/3/2010

Government scraps dog insurance plans

The Government has backed down on plans to force all dog owners to insure their pet against damage caused by it attacking someone else. The climbdown comes just a week after the scheme was announced.

The plan had come under widespread criticism, including a Conservative party poster using the Churchill insurance advert character, dubbing the measure a dog tax. Insurers dubbed the scheme unworkable, saying few firms would be willing to offer cover at affordable Full Story

Posted: 12/3/2010

Government plans compulsory pet insurance for dogs

The government is planning a scheme by which all dogs in the United Kingdom would have to be insured. The mandatory pet insurance coverage would be designed to pay compensation in the event that the dog attacked a person.

The scheme is part of a package of rules designed to cut down the number of attacks and make it easier to deal with those which do occur. It stems from concerns that with most breeds of dogs, an attack on private property makes it legally difficult to successfully Full Story

Posted: 21/2/2010

Pet insurers offer winter survival tips

This year's bitterly cold winter has made pet insurance even more beneficial according to specialist firms. One company says a customer saved more than £5,000 by being suitably covered before an icy disaster.

PetPlan says a pet poodle belonging to a customer was playing in the garden, slipped on ice and wound up crashing into a patio door, suffering both internal bleeding and a broken spinal Full Story

PLEASE NOTE: News items are intended for information only and should not be relied upon when making insurance buying decisions. Due to their nature some of the information in these news stories may no longer be up to date.
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