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Review of AA Home Emergency Response

Submitted by Ray Jones
Review Added: 26/11/2010 - Visitor Rating: 3.94 3.94 (16 votes)

Review Categories:
Home Insurance

Customer Review Comments:

Well the service started off quite well when my boiler packed in last week. I rang the claims line and they told me I would receive a text telling me the job had been placed with an engineer.

The Website says an engineer will be with you within 2-4 hours, mine came 10 hours later and I was a bit surprised to see it was not an AA staff member. It was now Thursday evening and a part had to be ordered, someone would ring me the next day to let me know.  As the day went on and no one phoned I contacted the contractor, the part would not be delivered until Monday and an appointment was booked Tuesday morning to fit the part.

Tuesday morning came and went, I phoned and was told the part hadn't come in and they'd come Wednesday. Someone came Wednesday and another part needed to be ordered, they would contact me the next morning. Again they did not but got someone out the same day who said that only the original part had broken and the people the day before had fixed a part that was fine.

Thursday evening the boiler was fixed, hurrah! Until this morning! I've contacted the AA who promised this would be dealt with urgently, I then got a text telling me someone would be out later today. I contacted the contractor to confirm this, they said the AA hadn't contacted them and it will be at least Monday.

Contacted the AA again, they apologised saying there was a problem with their text system... this goes on and on, so this is another afternoon I've taken off work, more calls I'VE had to make, further examples of very poor communication and complete lack of urgency, boiler still broken.

I'll be changing as soon as this is fixed, very shoddy, unprofessional service all round!

Good Points: None
Bad Points: Poo customer service, pathetic service, no communication
Customer Service Rating: 1/5
Value for Money Rating: 1/5
Overall Rating: Please Select
Made a Claim? Yes
Recommended? No

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My toilet start whisteling when I flushed this morning which is sunday. I rang the AA home emergency response line at 10.00am and they told me that they will arrange someone to come and have a look. A couple of hours later they called me saying they're sending a plumber to fix it in 45 minutes. 45mins later a guy turned up on my door called Ian WHITWORTH from AA. He did fix my toilet in less than half an hour (it was faulty inlet valve and a leaking pipe). He replaced the old ones with new which he got in his van. I was so impressed with Ian's tidy and fast work been carried out in my home and he was such a nice person. I would like to thank him and all the AA team.
Comment by Burhan hacisalihoglu
Date: 17/7/2011

Absolute farce of a policy!! My boiler has randomly started to heat various radiators in the house, including elderly parents room during summer which is not ideal!! Rang the AA who advised the policy only covered the boiler if it stops working fully. How, even if you get 1hr of hot water a day that classifies as working?! Waste of my money and time.....I want my money back!!!
Comment by Aftab Zafar
Date: 23/5/2011

I am so sorry to hear about the difficulties encountered with your Home Emergency Response cover. I work for the AA and would like to invite you to give our Member Relations team a call if you have any outstanding issues. It is important that we resolve these to your satisfaction as soon as possible, and that we learn from your experience. They can be contacted on 0845 607 6727. Thank you.
Comment by dh2011
Date: 5/4/2011

The AA Home Emergency Response is absolutely awful! I first reported a fault over 2 weeks ago. They do not fix things themselves but send local repairers. My experience was with a couple of complete amateur engineers. They have visited my house 5 times and have now completely broken my boiler. The AA won't fix this until their regional manager visits. He was supposed to visit today (having waited a week for him). Didn't turn up. Didn't phone. I still have no heating and I'm furious with them.
Comment by Chris
Date: 21/3/2011

I took out AA home emergency and boiler and central heating cover and when an automated valve for the central heating broke down they sent a guy out who showed me how to manually operate the valve. They then said that they only cover a temporary fix and its now up to me to call out another plumber and get it properly fixed. So I pay 167.40 a year for that service, its pathetic. Personally I'm done with insurance companies now, I'm gonna take the advice that my gran gave me years ago...if ya want a job doing properly ya gotta do it yourself.
Comment by drigden
Date: 26/2/2011

Be wary of the AA Home Emergency Response Service which incorporates a free annual boiler service. This is supposed to happen within six weeks of signing up for the service - its now 11 weeks and we have had no contact about the service and no official communication to explain the delay. The AA tell me because its a service company that do the boiler work that its not up to them to advise customers - they are only the brokers. The AA is not the cheapest on the market and I only went with them because of their name and they are letting themselves down. I am asking for my money back and will find a provider who delivers the service that's promised.
Comment by Christopher James
Date: 19/2/2011

Our boiler broke down 10 days ago, we phoned the AA and someone turned up the next day who said they would order the part and be back in 2 days. Nothing happened, phoned AA, they said someone would come round two days after that and also said they would confirm if it would be morning or afternoon. Surprise surprise they never rang to let us know. Someone came round, said the previous guy had ordered the wrong part! so he had to reorder another part which would be fixed tomorrow, that being another further 4 days wait. Would never ever use them again. Total rubbish, will be cancelling our policy.
Comment by Anna
Date: 19/1/2011

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