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Review of Eon Central Heating Care

Submitted by John Woodward
Review Added: 19/1/2010 - Visitor Rating: 2.38 2.38 (21 votes)

Review Categories:
Home Insurance

Customer Review Comments:

I write 19th January after the coldest January in 20+ years. Boiler failed on Monday 4th January....hopefully tomorrow after numerous phone calls and 2 wasted half day holidays we may get our heating back.

Policy will not be renewed, I'll put money to one side just in case. Constant let down on appointments, service or emergency (no heating).

Good Points: Non
Bad Points: 16 days to repair a boiler! Broken appointments
Customer Service Rating: 0/5
Value for Money Rating: 0/5
Overall Rating: 0/5
Made a Claim? Yes
Recommended? No

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After phoning Eon central heating care on the 7th January 2014, about a timer clock that kept switching only hot water or central heating on or absolutely nothing else, the lights on the timer kept flickering, suggesting a fault with the electrics that we had to switch OFF, no assistance for a MONTH. 6th February 2014, we previously had BRITISH GAS COVER, but swapped for the difference in price, but will definitely not be having eon again, AND THERE WAS NO EMERGENCY FOR DISABLED OAPs. British Gas might be a little more expensive but at least we got the SAME DAY SERVICE OR THE NEXT DAY.
Comment by M. H. Viles.
Date: 7/1/2014

Over a dozen visits in the space of three years for the same problem. Have minors and elderly in household. No heating or hot water and repair will be done in two weeks time. Total disregard for occupants. Service unacceptable and unsatisfactory. A total shambles.
Comment by Adam wright
Date: 1/12/2013

I agree. Leaking radiator. Engineer called 3 days later. No hot water or heating on some of the coldest days of the year. New radiator ordered. Appointment to fit the radiator a month later. Engineer drove to the front of the house (was on the lookout for him, also kept my mobile doorbell unit on me so as not to miss him). Went to open the door and was just in time to see him drive off! Rang Eon straight away to tell them. Day one wasted. Rang next day for an explanation. Was told engineer rang doorbell and there was no answer! (They described my front door to proove that he had been there!) Next appointment availabe-another month away! :(
Comment by Unhappy customer
Date: 17/1/2013

I have had similar experience. Called to log call with faulty boiler and I was given date for 5 days later. I have young children, had to remain without hot water, and heating for 4 days. EON are telling customers they are available 365 days etc. When I questioned that with the manager he told me that there is no callout time stated in contract.
Comment by Mrs Hussain
Date: 4/4/2012

They claim a "local" engineer will attend, which implies to me a fairly quick response, but at this quiet time of year (Sept) they are not able to offer an appointment for 10 days. A long time to be without hot water. A real local engineer was able to come the next day and fixed the fault with our boiler straight away.
Comment by Mike Jenkins
Date: 12/9/2011

Heating broke down on 3 September first appointment was today 12 September. Got 8-1pm slot. No one here at 8:45 so took children to school, back 9:00 to a card saying they had called between 8:45-8:55 and I was out. I didn't see a van on my trip to school and back. I spoke to EoN on phone and asked then to get engineer to come back but they could only rebook for 17 September. I will not renew.
Comment by ColdFamily
Date: 12/9/2011

I'd have to agree, very poor service, poorly trained engineers, poorly kitted out. Two cancelled visits, three visits from an engineer who left us with no hot water. Damaged our property, didnít have the correct tools and they never fixed the fault.
Comment by Stuart
Date: 21/3/2011

Alas another to support Eon's poor service comments. For £16 a month a engineer was supposed to come and check/repair our faulty Central Heating Boiler. Booked a days holiday, and waited for an engineer to turn up. You've guessed it, no one appeared. Phoned up why, and told 'could'nt make it till the following week' 7 days later. Had to get another firm to fix my boiler, wish I could send e on the bill. Hoping to cancel and look elsewhere.
Comment by Alan Batty
Date: 13/3/2011

Totally agree -- It appears that when their engineers do finally turn up they dont seem to be well trained. We have waited in for hours and only when we call again at the end of the day are we told that the engineer couldn't make it. Their people are also not aware of your cover and slip off saying your not covered for certain things when you really are, resulting in us calling private plumbers out. When you challenge their call centre staff they are rude and say there are more important people waiting ...We were left in the cold for days in freezing weather and gave up and called an emergency plumber out!!
Comment by David Cheshire
Date: 24/2/2011

Totally agree!! 14 days and still no heating or hot water in temperatures below -15. What a joke. 4th day they have cancelled our appointment. Spoke to a manager last night who ensured they were coming and again, no show! I will be ringing the complaints department to follow up on the 2 e-mails already sent.
Comment by P Cooper
Date: 11/12/2010

Again totally agree. Woke this morning to a broken boiler, 30 minutes to get through to their helpline. Cannot come out for over a week, waiting this long was not an option for us so had to get a local tradesman out to do the work. Work done in the day, heating back on but had to absorb the costs. Will not renew, paid my premiums all year only to find they failed me when I needed them, then I had to sort it out my self. Customer Services totally disinterested.
Comment by Ken
Date: 8/12/2010

Completely agree, boiler broke on Tuesday and am still without heating and hot water. Have now been told they don't have the part and I will have to wait til next Wednesday. That's a total of 8 days with no heating or hot water and no rush because its not important even though its freezing weather and I have a child in the house, disgusting!
Comment by maxine
Date: 13/11/2010

Absolutley agree - had a claim amotnh ago - took 3 different engineers on various days to give me three different opinions on the problem. There was no effective handover information and engineers were told parts were at our premises when they were not. Now have the same problem and waited in from 1pm til 6pm today - rang to see if engineer on his way and told he had visited at 2.30 and there was no one in. Oh yes there was! Now have to wait in Saturday from 8 til 8 - probably to be told the will have to order a part. Not happy and will be cancelling.
Comment by Dianne Wilkinson
Date: 6/10/2010

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