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Review of Fonesafe Mobile Insurance

Submitted by Alan Harwood
Review Added: 3/5/2007 - Visitor Rating: 2.53 2.53 (107 votes)

Review Categories:
Mobile Phone Insurance

Customer Review Comments:

I accidentally put my trousers in the washing machine with my phone in one of the pockets. Fonesafe claim that it was not covered as putting the phone in the washing machine is not an accident, but rather not taking due care?!. I thought most accidents were caused by not taking due care. What happens if you drop it... lose it.... break it..... not taking due care!

Good Points: None
Bad Points: Not worth the paper it is written on
Customer Service Rating: 0/5
Value for Money Rating: 0/5
Overall Rating: 0/5
Made a Claim? Yes
Recommended? No

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comments about this review

Comments about this review:

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I have exactly the same problem! We put our phones in our bag when we went swimming and told neighbouring people to watch our bags. It was very busy and once we came back our phones were gone. Went to the police and got a police report. Tried to claim with phonesafe and we were declined due to 'negligence'. Surely if they cover loss and accidental damage, which is undoubtedly negligent, they should cover circumstances such as these? Why should you spend hundreds covering a phone when they won't care to look after their customers? Anyone had any success in complaining about this and getting fonesafe to change their mind?
Comment by Yelena
Date: 3/9/2013

I've been with tmobile for roughly 4 years. I recenty took out a 2nd contract, when I did I was asked by a tmobile sales person if I would like insurance, I said yes. Now 6 months later I have lost my phone and they are telling me that there isn't any insurance on my account. So now I will have to go out and buy a new phone. I will be glad when both contracts are up, so I can move back to O2.
Comment by Roxy
Date: 13/4/2012

Phone arrived from Tmobile but didn't like it so swapped it after 4 days. Lost my phone 6 months later went to make a claim was told that the phone lost wasn't the one listed so couldn't make a claim. When I asked them to send me the one I was paying insurance for they said no because it wasn't the one I lost. Even sent them two confirmation letters from Tmobile of the exchange of handset. Still ongoing. Really rude staff too ....
Comment by Mr Rowlands
Date: 4/10/2011

Made a claim today through Fonesafe after my HTC Desire fell into water while the phone was between my shoulder and ear. I was advised the claim was not covered as I was not taking reasonable precautions. In my view using your phone between your shoulder and ear is reasonable given it is something everyone does every day whether it be a mobile or landline. Very disappointed and annoyed that after paying over 100 for the insurance for the last year they will not help. Particularly as the policy states it covers accidental damage and liquid damage...huh!
Comment by Very Annoyed
Date: 1/6/2011

I ordered my phone 3 months ago and I was asked if I wanted insurance - I specifically said no. This month I received a statement from my bank with added charges because this insurance company had attempted to take payments for the insurance I said NO to. I am still trying to resolve this matter I have been called a liar with them claiming I just do not want to pay after my 3 months free insurance, I have cancelled the policy but they want 3 months payment from me for cancellation then they had the nerve to try and re-sell me the insurance 9 times. Insurance company was rude and unhelpful in resolving this matter.
Comment by Nicola
Date: 6/4/2011

I have a contract with 3 handsets, tried to claim twice and both declined once because the sim card was not present and the other because I didnt notify them within 48hours of the damage happenning. Surely the damage is the same on the first day as the third. More people should complain to higher powers.
Comment by john
Date: 24/2/2011

I have been a customer of Tmobile for the last 5 years. I lost my phone after geting off the bus, got home relised my phone which was in a bag hanged from my child's pram was not there, my be some one has taken it fromthe bag it was a busy bus during the rush hours.FONESAFE they declined my claim because they say at the time your Sim card was not in the phone which i think it is very unjustified and ridiculous reason. so if some one buys a mobile on the way home or doesnt get round to use the phone for few days is not covered if it gets lost or stolen. When they want to get your money and they will use any tacktics but GOD help you if you make a claim. this is just not fare.
Comment by joe
Date: 2/12/2010

Well if you read the terms and conditions for fonesafe you will read that you are liable if you accidently put your phone in the washing machine. Maybe you should read the terms and conditions more carefully before you complain. I havent had a problem with fonesafe. They do tell you what your liable for.
Comment by Mia Alexander
Date: 21/9/2010

Got a phone for my partner back in April for her birthday,I was told by T-Mobile they would cover the phone on insurance for 14 days. Then ended up having a policy sent out. Thought ok would keep it as a safeguard. WHAT A WASTE, tried to claim for a shattered screen to be told not covered as phone was in my partners possession not mine, have sent details to BBC Watchdog,X-Ray,One Show, ITV The Ferret if everyone complains they may do something.
Comment by Mark
Date: 9/7/2010

I dropped mine in a sink by accident and they denied my claim saying I had not taken sufficient care. By using the term "sufficient care" they can literally deny any claim they like. How do you take sufficient care against an accident? I appealed it and went to trading standards and they have now accepted my claim, saying that I am a "valued customer" yet people were very rude to me on the phone. I would not recommend them to anyone.
Comment by Gemma
Date: 7/7/2010

I have just been told the exact same. Why bother with insurance if they aren't going to cover the basic things.
Comment by Dave Whittle
Date: 26/4/2010

My son's phone was stolen and he rang me straight away, I contacted T-mobile, police etc., immediately - the claim has been declined due to network provider not being notified within the correct time period!WE DID IT STRAIGHT AWAY!!! what do they want? a chartered helicopter to deliver the claim by hand?
Comment by Mrs D A Press
Date: 16/4/2010

Upgraded my phone 6 months ago and sent a letter of confirmation to Fonesafe to update the policy. My phone has broken and cannot be fixed, so I was told to contact my insurers. Fonesafe wont pay out because THEY DON'T RECEIVE POST - I have been told I should have phoned to make sure they got the letter. T-mobile have admitted it is a common problem. I am stunned, uninsured, stuck in a contract with no phone and out of pocket.
Comment by Jules
Date: 10/12/2009

Absolutely shocking! My phone was stolen in Newcastle and I didn't come home until about 4/5 days later. I was unable to fone the insurance (as I had no fone) to 'make them aware' but I blacklisted my fone and sim card and was told this would be enough to make a claim. After keepin me on the fone for around 2 hrs, I was told they were declining my claim! Complete waste of time and money!
Comment by Rachel Quinn
Date: 17/11/2009

My phone was stolen from my workplace - in another room off our reception area clearly not in the public domain. Fonesafe declined to replace it as they said it should be in my possession at all times! They also declined to replace my son's phone which I had insured after it was stolen as I hadn't registered him as the user. They seem to constantly look for an excuse NOT to replace phones!
Comment by Jo
Date: 29/10/2009

Absolutely useless! The extremely cold and disinterested tone of voice I was met with when I called should have given me a clue as to what was coming. My claim was turned down as I called them, stood in the middle of the T-Mobile shop. 6.99 a month down the drain. Judging from the interrogation I was given I think they would have found something to refuse my claim regardless. Never again!
Comment by Anthony Fuisdale
Date: 17/9/2009

Fonesafe, just not worth the time, effort and money paid for the policy. Shop advise to make a claim for the damage. Fonesafe(incorrectly print a wrong claim phone No. on their docs) wont deal with it unless they get a phone call from the shop to confirm that they cant repair it under warranty. Warranty doesnt inc. cracked glass! Amongst others. Robots on the phone just keep to their silly script!!! AAARRRGGGHHH!!!
Comment by Angry Angry
Date: 2/9/2009

I've been paying 18 a month for 2 handsets, one was stolen 3 months ago. Made a claim but have been messed about so much.They say they tried calling and sent a letter but this wasn't true, then they said my phone was never used on t-mobile contract and after me proving them wrong on many more accusations they declined my claim because they say I'm not acting in good faith! They WILL do everything in their power NOT to help you!
Comment by Saj
Date: 30/7/2009

Seems to me like all phone insurance companies are doing their best to make us pay but not to pay us back, they always finding excuss. I paid CUSC foneguard 4.99 a month. Last week my phone was stolen, to them it looks like it was lost as the police didn't investigate the theft, but they advertise protecting against loss, theft, damages all sorts of things. Paid 160 for nothing! Is there any organization where i can appeal!????
Comment by Arek
Date: 27/6/2009

My phone fell out of my pocket while crossing the road away from home (for work) down in Devon, several cars ran over it, smashing it to bits. Do I have a claim? Rang them less than 24 hrs after the event at 17.55 and eventually got through at 1800, said all the offices were closed. Wonder if I'll get a new handset when I eventually ring them tomorrow?
Comment by Barry Mung
Date: 14/5/2009

Do not use the ring back feature when you ring them up!!!! They say you keep your place in the queue, I waited 2 hours no phone call, I rang back myself and got through in 40 seconds!!!
Comment by Jamie
Date: 21/3/2009

I lost my phone at a concert in June and after messing me around for two months (which I was told by a friend at T-Mobile was because I am under 21) they sent me a phone that didn't work. I sent it away to fonesafe for repair and got the same phone back again. This happened for months and from losing my phone in June I didn't get a working one back from fonesafe until October.
Comment by Robyn
Date: 16/12/2008

Absolutely useless, Had to claim insurance with fonesafe, said they would send out new or 14 day return phone of the same make and model as mine. Received replacement very quickly but it wasn't same make and model. It was a phone older than mine, with none of the same features. I'm now awaiting a return call from referral manager. Will keep you posted.
Comment by Lizanne Dixon
Date: 14/11/2008

Awful. been paying cover for last 15 months. Now phones is broken due to water damage fonecsafe refusing to replace as they have wrong details of my phone. phone has not been changed since cover started and i have NEVER owned a sony ericsson as they claim. disgusted by them and tmobile
Comment by Mike
Date: 11/11/2008

I claimed a few weeks ago and had an excellent customer experience. Once they had all the information they replaced my phone. As for the contract everyone goes on about, its no different to any contract you sign into, you have to follow the terms and conditions. People should always read these so they won't be upset when they claim. Its all about understanding the contract you have and what you can and can't do and what you really have to do.
Comment by lisa
Date: 29/10/2008

Useless and incompetant.....have been trying to get a replacement phone for my daughter for almost two months. We lost the fax you will have to send now need to send proof of purchase, but we won't tell you this until you ring us up and ask. A bunch of useless monkeys..don't use them. They don't know the meaning of customer service.
Comment by Jason Leslie
Date: 24/9/2008

Made a claim as my N95 volume button broke off the board inside the phone. Called fonesafe and a bad tempered man asks "so you dropped it?" "when did you break it?" So I paid the 30 excess and I recieve a new handset in around 3 days which is good, until i open it and it looks like a refurb. Silver paint around the screen chippedaway, the slider feels terrible and small pieces of dirt in the battery tray. Not happy.
Comment by Brian Edwards
Date: 1/9/2008

My wife accidentally left her mobile in the car after picking our son up late one evening. That night our car was broken into and the mobile was stolen. She reported it to Fone safe and their response, yes you got it right in one go "you are not covered" - reason "it was left in sight". Thankfully I have only been with them for 3 months,and now they have lost premiums on 3 separate mobiles.
Comment by Lew Rodrigues
Date: 4/7/2008

My son's mobile went through the washing machine and just as other customers, I was told that this was "not covered". If he had fallen in the bath it was covered, but the washing machine was not! How many parents "rifle through" childrens pockets? That would be a violation of there personal space! Fonesafe were still taking the 6.99 from my bank but forgot to tell me that the phone was not insured anylonger as it was water damaged!
Comment by deborah
Date: 30/4/2008

I rent a mobile for my granddaughter and pay for her calls monthly by direct debit - it was an Xmas present. When she accidently dropped and broke her phone she tried to claim for a new one off fonesafe. They refused on the pretext "that at the time of the incident the handset was in possession of an unauthorised user". T-Mobile were quite aware that my rental and payments were an Xmas present for my granddaughter.
Comment by June Bacon
Date: 25/4/2008

I have 3 fonesafe policies on different mobiles, moved home around Jan and upgraded all 3 phones. Called with new details but system was down. They said they would make a note and change the details later. Just tried to make a claim as 1 phone stolen and nothing had been updated and therefore they say I'm not covered. I've been paying for 3 contracts for months, I now have to replace a 600 phone myself.
Comment by R JONES
Date: 16/4/2008

I have just tried to update my policy with details of a new handset and have been told i will have to cancel my existing policy and start a new one. The phone needs replacing under insurance but apparently im not covered. Have had problems before with previous handset when trying to get a replacement.
Comment by Steve
Date: 14/3/2008

i dropped my phone and they did give me a replacement with a 25 fee, although it took them 5 attempts to send me a phone that was in working order as all the ones the sent were faulty, terrible customer services.
Comment by f
Date: 13/1/2008

Same as many of the other comments. I accidently put my phone in the washing machine, brand new fone and they said I should have known not to put it in the washing machine. Seems common. I intend to contact watchdog and take claim further. I suggest eveyone else does.
Comment by kayleigh
Date: 9/12/2007

Worst company I have ever had to deal with, have been without a mobile for 2 weeks, was sent out a faulty handset after waiting over a week for it!!!!
Comment by Kelly
Date: 28/11/2007

I too accidently discovered that my phone had been in the washing machine and I was also told that this was due to lack of care. I thought that accidents were the cause of carelessness! I am intending to take my claim further.
Comment by adele cook
Date: 16/7/2007

People who take out insurance with Fonesafe MUST check the terms. I bought a phone for my 13yr old at Xmas and she damaged it. When I called to claim I was told that I was not covered as she was an unauthorized user. You have to tell them the names of everybody who might want to use your phone.
Comment by Glen Sives
Date: 21/5/2007

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