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Review of Domestic & General Washing Machine Insurance

Submitted by Bev Neal
Review Added: 28/10/2007 - Visitor Rating: 2.71 2.71 (31 votes)

Review Categories:
Home Insurance

Customer Review Comments:
I have been a customer with this company for many years now and feel their standards are dropping greatly. I am having to wait approx 4 working days for an engineer to call although I have waited over a week at times.

Good Points: Engineers are very friendly & polite
Bad Points: Having to wait to get an engineer there
Customer Service Rating: 2/5
Value for Money Rating: 3/5
Overall Rating: 3/5
Made a Claim? Yes
Recommended? No

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I just took out a coverplan yesterday because my local engineer thought it would be cheaper than he could do it for. It was actually 19 dearer to cover for a 12 month period by direct debit. D & G wouldn't tell me what a call-out charge would be so I wasn't able to work out how much dearer or cheaper it would be, even though I knew the price of the part I needed. I thought it would be a fast service but an engineer cannot come out for 10 days. It would be easier to just go and buy a new one for the inconvenience caused. I am seriously thinking of cancelling this plan as soon as I can.
Comment by D. Wood
Date: 9/9/2011

I had to wait 4 days to get an engineer, who then arrived without parts, ordered the required part even though I had told them what was wrong when booking the repair, and left. I have now been without a washing machine for 10 days and have just been told that an engineer will be with me in 3 days time. I am incandescent. Never, ever again will I deal with this company.
Comment by elizabeth Tyndall
Date: 2/8/2011

The worst service ever. The Dyson engineers that came were very good but Domestic And General are unhelpfull, and do not listen to the customers concerns. I took a day off unpaid and then they want me to take another to do the repairs, if they were to add my second days pay to the cost then the item should be written off, but they just keep saying tough its consiquencial loss. I accept losing the first day but not the second because they couldn't fix it on the first one. Never, never again.
Comment by Paul Monshall
Date: 11/3/2011

I today recieved my renewal quotation for my D+G washing machine policy. It has gone up from 57 to 78.60 this is despite not claiming since I have had the policy. I had a crappy excuse from the disintrested customer services rep who stated that "D+G costs had gone up". Thought insurance quotes are calculated on risk??. Very, very poor service.
Comment by Mr W
Date: 18/2/2011

Try 25 repairs in 4 years and they still refuse to replace, it has now gone wrong again. Our hotpoint is not used anymore than average. Bottom line it's a dud. Hotpoint say it's not there problem, as do D&G.
Comment by P James
Date: 24/12/2010

We have just had an 8 year old Zanussi fail for the second time with motor/circuit board problems. Domestic & General decided it was a write off - fair enough. But they wanted to give me a voucher for Comet, who are often more expensive than other retailers. In fact this method would have pretty much wiped out the residual payment of 100 odd for the old machine. I had to fight quite hard to get a cash settlement. Certainly a lot worse deal than our previous (good) experience with them.
Comment by C W
Date: 2/12/2010

We called for an engineer to fix our washing machine on Saturday. Today (Tuesday) he said that we will have to wait another week because he didn't have the part with him and they have no appointments until next week. If ordered today, that part could be with the engineer by tomorrow, so why should it then take another six days for us to have it fitted? Ludicrous. We will be cancelling our D&G plan after the repair is carried out.
Comment by Tammy
Date: 17/8/2010

A lot of times DOMGEN contact the manufacturer to book the repair, so it is the manufacturer's engineers and not DOMGEN's, so it might not be entirely their fault.
Comment by Ash
Date: 14/8/2009

Had exactly the same thing happen as the person above. Waited seven weeks (and had to do all my laundry at my sister's) only to be told that the washing machine was being written off and offered to replace it, but I would have to pay 232. I've found the washing machine cheaper online anyway. Customer services abysmal and even put the phone down on me.
Comment by CHEESED OFF!!!
Date: 5/6/2009

I took "DOMGEN" cover out for peace of mind for my mother. Each time "DOMGEN" take over 4 days to come out. The most recent was just this bank holiday weekend, we rang on thursday and waited a week. After the washer was fixed it began to smell of burning/went off. Rang them, and explained the situation and yet again now got to wait another 6 days. In conclusion - 3 repairs and 2 revisits so far. Very Poor!
Comment by Mal Chambers
Date: 17/4/2009

This is my 2nd repair with D&G, it took a month to repair last time and I am now waiting in 3 days short of a month for an engineer to replace a part. The first call out the engineer wrote off the machine and said the machine should be replaced. My machine is 5 years old and I have been with D&G the whole time. What I have paid them and in laundry bills I could have bought at least 2 machines.
Comment by Buffy
Date: 10/2/2009

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