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Review of Lifestyle Services Group Mobile Phone Cover

Submitted by Simon Kneale
Review Added: 7/11/2007 - Visitor Rating: 1.84 1.84 (63 votes)

Review Categories:
Mobile Phone Insurance

Customer Review Comments:

I will be swiftly cancelling my payment to this 'company' once they fix my phone. Two colleagues recently damaged their phones and were sent replacements within 24hrs with 2 other insurance companies.

I contacted Lifestyle today to be informed that I wouldn't actually get a working phone back for at very least 2 weeks and a £25 excess for the pleasure!!!

Customer service itself was prompt and helpful but the company's working practices are still living in the nineties.

I have cannot warn people away enough from this company.

Good Points: Still searching
Bad Points: See comment!!
Customer Service Rating: 4/5
Value for Money Rating: 0/5
Overall Rating: 1/5
Made a Claim? Yes
Recommended? No

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comments about this review

Comments about this review:

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Simon Kneale, I am looking for insurance myself now, which insurance companies was your girlfriend with who were actually good?
Comment by Riya
Date: 19/4/2012

Read your t&c. If you get the insurance through the bank- you're paying for your ACCOUNT, it's just one small benefit of many that you get with the account If you want some kinda amazing insurance that you all seem to expect with next day delivery then you need to pay more and go to a network provider for insurance. Fpr example ORANGE INSURANCE, these are actual phone companies so obviously you can expect your pronto service. And if you're not gonna read your terms and conditions then how can you complain you need to actually make yourself aware of what you need to do to make a claim. Don't just expect by magic to get a brand new phone the next day when the company doesn't even offer it!
Comment by Sarah
Date: 31/3/2012

Absolutely ridiculous! I receive this insurance through my bank account as I was paying 12 pm for other phone insurance. I regret even making the call to LSG and attempting to have my phone reviewed for either repair or replacement. Since I called about the claim well over a month ago, the process has been drawn out with the contact centre staff having absolutely no information to provide me with other than 'its with the engineer'. LSG are frustrating to deal with and very inefficient. USELESS!
Comment by Gareth Jones
Date: 8/3/2012

Absolutely ridiculous insurance! My girlfriend dropped her iPhone 3G S into the toilet on new years eve and we contacted the insurance 1st thing in the morning, they told us where to send it etc when the post office was open on the 3rd. So we sent it back, along with a 100 excess expecting the same phone with repaired internals or a refurbished phone. What we got back is actually, just unreal! An iPhone 3gs that has a massive crack up the back, missing plastic round the dock connector and headphone jack, chips and dents all round the sides and a chip out of the glass. This is no where near the phone we sent as it was pristine apart from being soaked in water!
Comment by Jay
Date: 17/1/2012

Had my iPhone 4 stolen on the 4th December and had recently discovered that Lifestyle Services Group insured my phone via my bank. I contacted them and they sent a claim form to me by email. I didn't return the claim form to them until the 3rd of January (I wanted to get xmas out of the way before shelling out for the excess) and I was shocked (in a good way) to recieve my replacement phone on the 7th. As it turns out there is a minor defect with the phone, but as there is a 28 day warranty, they have advised me that they will replace (not repair) within 3 working days. Very impressed with LSG.
Comment by Greg
Date: 9/1/2012

I had my white iPhone 4 stolen after only having it for 2 months out of a 24 month contract. They took nearly a week just to post me the forms to complete. They then sent a replacement phone another week later to the billing address, not delivery address which was specified. When I finally managed to pick up the phone it was a black one, not a white one. I called to complain and they said there was nothing they could do as they don't insure based on colour, just like for like. The phone they sent me had something dried up in one of the seams of the phone, looks like food or something. And for all this I had to pay 30 excess. Completely useless.
Comment by Steph
Date: 5/8/2011

I recently had my iphone 3gs stolen from my car. Initially my claim was rejected as the phone was not locked away in the boot or glove compartment. I appealed & despite having a police crime reference this was not enough proof that the crime happened & so I was rejected again. I paid for cover for 18 months, I was a victim of crime & my insurance cannot cover me. Not Right. All I am left with is a waste of 216 "cover", 100 for replacing the window in my car & phoneless. How is any of that right! Lesson learnt.
Comment by Zoe Basri
Date: 3/8/2011

I lost my phone and LSG advised that I could not claim because A) it wasn't insured at time (although it was and i've been paying them for 4 years??) B) it was lost in a public place. This isn't on their terms and conditions, and unless I lose it in my flat, its a public place!!! C) I didn't contact police. So what was the LP report number I gave them 3 times then?? I've paid over 400 in payments and never made a claim, but this is ridiculous. Passed me to their claims department and they have ignored me for 4 weeks. Lodged complaint with Financial Ombudsman.
Comment by P McFarlane
Date: 26/5/2011

I broke my iPhone 3G 16gb. Sent it to LSG, they sent me an iPhone 3G 8gb. I sent it back to them again, they sent me another 3G 8gb. I'm not happy and chasing my claim through a Call Centre Manager now. Endless excuses and no logic applied to their service. Despite providing all the proof on the first claim instance that my phone was the phone I was returning, it's now aparently my responsibility to prove I sent them a 3G 16gb. Not happy. :-(
Comment by Andy H
Date: 15/4/2011

Hey Praveen Anand, just wondering what happened with the insurance, did you complain to the financial ombudsman and if so how did it got solved? I'm just wondering as I am experiencing some problems with them at the moment too. Would be grateful any information you can give me. Thanks.
Comment by Rebbeka Smith
Date: 31/3/2011

I even got my Lloyds Manager to give them a rocket. My phone was water damaged and a write off. On return I was unable to get the back cover off, battery not replaced despite having being immersed in the bath in excess of hr. The screen encrusted with residue of bath products, someone has attempted to scrape off 30% leaving rest of screen illegible. Indeed, they take the 30 excess from you ASAP + 5 to post. If only their service was as instantaneous. Trading Standards need to be aware of this company.
Comment by Mo
Date: 16/2/2011

I sent a phone for repair in September 2010, finally got it back November. I've just resent it back for a repair on the original repair as three of the complaints are still there. They have told me that they are unable to give me a breakdown of the repairs made or are being made (odd that, surely quality control would do this?) and that the number you ring is an 'agency centre'... call centre to you and me ... and that they can only give the information held on their computer screen, won't/can't give you an telephone number of the repair section and can't/won't even let you have your phone collected by yourself or your own courier... sound dodgy? Yup, sure does...
Comment by Bryony
Date: 21/1/2011

Dropped my Galaxy s and cracked the screen, phoned up lsg and they informed me it would cost 30 excess which was taken asap I might add. They also informed me it would take up to 10 days to assess the damage (why it's obvious the screens cracked). Anyway that was November 22 2010. It's now January 5th 2011 and haven't heard a single peep.
Comment by Neil
Date: 5/1/2011

Comment by emma salisbury Date: 2/7/2010 Where does it say in the T&C's it takes months to sort out?
Comment by Jules
Date: 17/12/2010

I am currently in the third week without my HTC Desire. 30 + 6 postage. 3 Weeks of frustration, I have sent letters of complaint and simply get fobbed OFF with ever increasing deadlines. Lloyds don't want to know they just refer to LSG.
Comment by Stuart Davies
Date: 22/10/2010

I am still having problems with this company after losing my phone in the sea! lost my phone in july2010 still awaiting action from LSG they do not look after the customer. I shall be cancelling my three accounts with 3.
Comment by David Meacher
Date: 8/10/2010

I have made a claim for my iPhone 3GS and this took almost three months till they sent me the new phone. But guess what! The phone they sent to me is a used iPhone 3G!!!!! Can you believe it! However I'm not going to accept this and returning this stupid phone they've sent me. I'm really not happy with this company!
Comment by Pearl
Date: 24/9/2010

I put in a claim for my apple iphone 3gs over 8 weeks ago. First had to fill in the claim form which is fine, then had to send proof of purchase then had to send in proof of usage from orange. Ever since they received this all I get told when I call is that it is with a third party team and I have to wait, I'm sick of waiting.... total disgrace.. a complaint will be raised when the claim is resolved.
Comment by Ian Wilson
Date: 7/8/2010

Guys instead of moaning when you ring through to the customer services just read your terms and conditions, you are paying to follow your terms and conditions. Iif you dont follow them it will be rejected simple, there not small, excess is explained, timescales are explained and also explains they will come from new or refurbished stock. I have insurance with them and as Ive read them I know whats going on.
Comment by emma salisbury
Date: 2/7/2010

My wife returned her phone for water damage repair. Phone returned locked to the wrong network. Agent told me I could get it unlocked for 10. I would have to pay?? We had to fill out a form for a second repair and wait another week for a replacement. Whole thing took over three weeks. Also you have a 25 excess but, they insist that the damaged phone is returned to them at your cost special delivery. Which increases your excess to nearly 30!!!
Comment by Darren Hicklin
Date: 16/6/2010

I've not got enougth space for my problems with Lifestyle services. They lost my claim form. Then they got my details muddled with another customers and took excess fees for both of us from MY bank account. Still waiting for them to replace my money. Phone broke just after christmas.
Comment by ruth
Date: 7/4/2010

I agree with Ralph Marchant, You might aswell jus get insurance with Orange, they dont muck around like LSG does. I also put in a claim to LSG for a mobile phone, over a week today and still no Claim Form from them. They seem ok and helpful on he phone but like others said, they run there business like there still in the 70's.
Comment by Wils35
Date: 15/3/2010

A useless company, show no sympathy whatsoever and am shocked with the service I received. According to more Blackberry for me.
Comment by H VIRK
Date: 2/3/2010

Broke iPhone on 26/12/09. Registered claim on 27/12/09. Jumped through more hoops than a Jack Russell at a dog show!! I'm not the type of guy to let poor companies sit on their hands with my business, so I've been chasing at least twice a week. It's now 01/02/10 and there's no signs of anything happening yet. Been sat with the phone to my ear for the last 20 minutes waiting for the clowns to answer my call.
Comment by Robbie Priddle
Date: 1/2/2010

I dropped my iPhone 3GS and it wouldn't work. I'm insured with LSG through Lloyds TSB. Took 2 weeks and then was told not repairable so have offered me alternate phone or 449 into bank account to buy a new one which I have opted for. Good service although quite long.
Comment by Alexandra Bullock
Date: 21/1/2010

I first made a claim with Lifestyle Services Group on the 14th December 09. It is now 20th January 2010 and I STILL havent got a new phone! They sent me out two replacement phones which were both in Spanish despite being told that it would not happen again. The service I find is quite frankly DISGUSTING! I will definitely be putting in a formal complaint as I am appauled by their service.
Comment by Charlie Gooderham
Date: 20/1/2010

I lost my iphone one month ago. The insurance is through my LLOYDS TSB ACCOUNT but provided by lifestyle insurance group. I contacted the company on the day I lost it to sort out claim. One month on still no replacemt and now just off the phone with them as they have rejected my claim on the basis that my bank never sent them the correct information within 15 days!
Comment by John
Date: 20/12/2009

After reporting a problem with my phone, which incidentally was provided by them from an earlier claim in the year, it took almost a week to receive the claim form and further ten days to get the phone returned to me after repair. I have had 24 hour no quibble exchange whilst with Orange.
Comment by Ralph Marchant
Date: 14/12/2009

Apple store diagnosed a problem with my iPhone & told me it will take 15mins to fix while I wait. I phoned Lifestyle to report the diagnosis offering to email Apple's report. I assumed Lifestyle would authorise the repair. No. Lifestyle need a paper claim form, sent by post & only then will they advise if the phone can be sent to an approved Apple repairer. 8 working days later no response from Lifestyle.
Comment by Samantha
Date: 26/8/2009

I have mobile phone insurance with RBS Royalties which is provided by Lifestyle up to a maximum of 350 plus 200 for accessories. I lost my Apple i-phone. Guess what, i-phones are not classed as a mobile phone because they have a QWERTY keyboard. They call the i-phone a PDA. Features are increasing on the mobiles all the time, including QWERTY keyboards. I completely agree this company is stuck in a 70s timewarp. BE VERY AWARE!
Comment by eve murray
Date: 8/2/2009

I had cover with this company then damaged my phone in April 2007. In Jan 2008 I registered my new MDA Vario 3 and was told it was covered. Just recently lost it so made a claim and they are refusing to pay. I have complained to the MD personally but he did not reply back, so got Pam Kally to say only that we are sorry you are upset. I am taking this to the Financial Ombudsman Service to complain. You have been warned.
Comment by Praveen Anand
Date: 22/2/2008

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