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Review of Homecare Insurance Mobile Phone Cover

Submitted by James
Review Added: 5/11/2008 - Visitor Rating: 4.40 4.40 (86 votes)

Review Categories:
Mobile Phone Insurance

Customer Review Comments:

I purchased a phone from T-mobile in 2007 and was asked if I wanted insurance. I specifically said no and signed up for the phone only.

I never received any confirmation from Homecare Insurance LTD regarding this arrangement and its association with T-Mobile.

The Homecare Insurance LTD direct debit details are misleading, not referring in any way to T-Mobile or phone insurance. In the process of searching the web for Homecare Insurance LTD to find out how they are I found numerous blogs with people in my position not knowing who they were and why direct debits had been set up on their accounts showing this issue is not an isolated situation, this is endemic.

Homecare Insurance LTD was unable to produce any authorisation regarding this arrangement or the original "signed" standing order. The response to my letter pointing out fraud was obstructive, unhelpful and refused to take responsibility for the lack of control around their financial processes.

I have had to take Homecare Insurance LTD to small claims to return my money.

Homecare Insurance LTD pays commission to sell its financial products at stores that have access to individual’s financial data obtained for an original legitimate relationship in place for mobile phones. The combination of the store level incentive and a complete lack of controls including a lack of any requirement for an authorisation from customers or confirmation encourages this fraudulent activity.

Homecare don't seem to mind as this obviously makes them a lot of money and not many people are like me willing to take them to small claims court, warn poeople on blogs or complaign to the FSA - I encourage anyone else in the same position to do the same.

Good Points: None
Bad Points: Actively encourages fraud
Customer Service Rating: 0/5
Value for Money Rating: 0/5
Overall Rating: 0/5
Made a Claim? No
Recommended? No

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comments about this review

Comments about this review:

 Add a Comment

I have just been online to find out who Homecare Insurance are as I have been Direct Debited for 4.99 a month. Contacted my bank to request a Direct Debit indemnity claim. They are legally obliged to return that money to my account and reclaim it from the company they paid to. Contacted T-Mobile to inform them. Their response was to tell me that as I did the upgrade via a T-Mobile shop I must return to the shop to make my complaint and sort it out. This I am going to do today. At no time did I agree to take out any insurance when upgrading and it is not even mentioned on the agreement.
Comment by P N Bourne
Date: 6/3/2012

Hi All, Just read this blog asfter googling the reference number on my bank statements. I am in the same boat, I never agreed to this, or have ever used it. T Mobile have been taking 6.99 from me, per month, since April 2009!!! What is the best way to go about retrieving this money? To speak to Natwest and they can look into re-calling it for me?
Comment by Benjamin Kyle Wilkins
Date: 7/9/2011

I have recently had the same experience as many other policy holders. I found out only a few weeks ago that Home Care Insurance had been taking 6.99 per month as a direct debit from my account for approximately 2 years. I have had the same problems with yet another mobile phone insurance company called Policy Admin Services who had been taking a total of 7.99 per month for over 9 years. Luckily I am able to retrieve this money under the direct debit guarantee but I feel that the actual companies themselves should be made to pay this money back otherwise they get away scott free.
Comment by Noshin
Date: 17/8/2011

Again, very similar story. I joined T-Mobile and was asked if I wanted to take up THEIR insurance at 6.99 (7) a month, I declined as I have it with my bank. Yesterday I checked my bank details, something I should have done ages ago, but ever since May 2010 they have taken the same 7 out of my bank every month. I have reported it to my bank and will be asking them to reclaim it under the direct debit guarantee, complaining to T-Mobile for mis-selling and also if someone could tell me Homecares' web page, phone number, them as well...If no answer within 8 days the Financial Services Ombudsman can follow it all up for me.
Comment by Gareth
Date: 12/5/2011

Any complaints of this nature should first of all be directed to the company itself. If it does not deal with the complaint within a reasonable period of time, or does not provide you with details of a proper complaints procedure, you should contact the Finacial Ombudsman Service. Google it. They can help. They regulate these people and can help you sort out these types of complaints.
Comment by Margaret
Date: 29/3/2011

This is happening to me too. I just realised that Homecare Insurance have been taking 5.99 out of my account for years. I can't remember taking this out although I used to use TMobile. I recall spotting this and cancelling it but it has returned! I am furious.
Comment by D Toohey
Date: 21/2/2011

I have just had to cancel a Homecare insurance direct debit for the second time in four months. My fault I know for not thoroughly checking my statements, but they had been taking 6.99 a month out of my account for a whole year after the policy was cancelled. I have now just discovered that Homecare have reinstated the direct debit and have been taking 12.99 out of my account for the past three months. I'm furious with myself and Homecare, but have reported it as a fraud to my bank
Comment by alison halliday
Date: 15/1/2011

I was asked to take this insurance out for 5 a month, I wasnt told it was for another company and go check my bank and theyve taken 8.99 from me!!! I will be cancelling this, very crafty.
Comment by Holly
Date: 7/1/2011

I submitted a claim at the beginning of Nov and I've still not got a result. I've had to do all the leg work in phoning them. I've received no email, phone call or letter explaining why it's taking so long. All I get when I phone them is the obligatory "there's not a lot we can do, you'll just have to wait" I'm under the impression that customer service is not high on their list of priorities. Overall not a good service. They've got a lot to learn and a huge amount to do to improve customer service!
Comment by Ian
Date: 3/12/2010

If you had that amount taken it is unlikely to be mobile phone insurance. Homecare also do Identity protection and credit card insurance. May pay you to check this.
Comment by Jane
Date: 29/10/2010

Me too. They took 83.99 from my account on 30th July 2010. This is news to me. I have never heard of them. I am appalled. The phone number listed on their site rings endlessly but there is nobody there to speak to. I am not sure what to do next. Thanks to the other people for their comments. Mark
Comment by Mark
Date: 31/7/2010

And still it goes on. I have recently changed banks and in the process of transferring my direct debits I was asked why I had 3 payments totalling 82.97 for HOMECARE INSURANCE? News to me. I had never heard of them other than an offer of mobile phone Insurance some time ago. Lesson for me to check my direct debits more often. Suffice to say all direct debits with HOMECARE are now cancelled.
Comment by ocean-drifter
Date: 10/3/2010

Did you get anywhere with the small claims court? If you were able to win this case, I may be taking them to court myself due to the exact same reasons!
Comment by Emma
Date: 25/1/2010

Thank you for this information. I too have discovered that Homecare Insurance have taken money from my account.
Comment by Andrew
Date: 23/9/2009

I have been keeping an eye on my account recently and have too noticed that I am being charged for phone insurance. I signed up to this last year but cancelled in January!!! It is very misleading as they call themselves homecare insurance on your statements!! Something needs to be done to stop this from happening again. I will be on to the FSA, it is appalling!
Comment by sarah
Date: 1/6/2009

Thanks so much for this post, homecare insurance is a complete waste of time and money. I cancelled my insurance over the phone in December but I have just noticed they are still taking money out of my account. Worse still my phone was stolen at the beginning of Jan, since my last payment had still to be made to homecare insurance I tried to make a claim only to be told I couldn't since I had cancelled the insurance I'm stilll paying for!
Comment by san
Date: 20/4/2009

Contact number for homecare Insurance - 01904 544500
Comment by Anon
Date: 14/1/2009

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