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Review of Homeserve Emergency plumbing Insurance

Submitted by Paul Hainsworth
Review Added: 18/3/2009 - Visitor Rating: 4.20 4.20 (5 votes)

Review Categories:
Home Insurance

Customer Review Comments:
I have been paying for Homeserve Emergency Plumbing Insurance for a number of years with the expectation that they would provide me emergency plumbing service - they state that they aim to have someone with you within 2 hours.

I had to call on this service on 14th February (yes Valentine's day) at 8:00pm with water pouring into the kitchen. They responded promptly saying that a plumber contractor would contact me within a few minutes. A contractor did...only to tell me that no-one was available. I said that this was unacceptable. The contract said that he would refer back to the insurance company and I should expect another call. No-one called! Given the quantity of water I managed to find another plumber through personal contacts who came round at 10:00pm.

Homeserve then called me at 09:00am Sunday morning (i.e. 12 hours later) to say that they had a plumber for me and could he come round!

When I sent a letter of complaint on the 21st Feb, they responded this week (15th March) saying they "will not cover the costs of work carried out by contractor's not authorised by us in advance".

To compound their disfunctional operation they do not even know the opening hours of their customer relations department - the letter refers to it closing at 8:00pm. In reality it closes at 6:00pm!

Good Points: Speed of initial response on telephone
Bad Points: Service - i.e. what you are paying for & complaints procedure
Customer Service Rating: 0/5
Value for Money Rating: 0/5
Overall Rating: 0/5
Made a Claim? Yes
Recommended? No

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